Terms and Conditions

1. Payment is made in cash to the driver or online on our website via PayPal. At the start of the journey the full payment is requested, if booked (if desired, you can get a proof of payment from the driver).
If you want an invoice, it will be sent after returning home. If you do not pay the invoice, 15 days after the invoice date, we will charge a surcharge of 15%.

2. All complaints regarding invoices must be made by registered letter and within 7 days after invoice date.

3. Transport is done under the responsibility of the customer, but will do everything possible to bring persons or goods to their destination in time.

4. By reserving a service on our website, you enter into a contract with the driver.

5. For airport transportation you must reserve at least 6 hours in advance. For taxi rides you must reserve at least 3 hours in advance.

6. Taxi books can not be held responsible for delays, changes or cancellations of the service due to force majeure or other circumstances that can not be foreseen. But we will do everything to prevent this.

7. Waiting times caused by customers can be charged by taxi books, the customer is bound to immediately notify his flight of more than 30 minutes of taxi schedules.

8. 15 minutes waiting time is free. After 15 minutes, € 35 / h is charged to the price.

9. If your flight has landed too early you may have to wait for the driver, but we will try to prevent this.

10. If you give us incorrect information (eg departure time abroad instead of arrival time in Belgium) we can not guarantee that a driver is available.

11. For each reservation that is made with a fixed price, the client declares that he uses the VVB service (article 2.5 °) of at least 3 hours, possibly interrupted.

12. Wearing a belt is legally required. A fine for not wearing will be recovered from the traveler.

13. Children's seats are made available at € 5 for taxis. These must be requested in advance and depend on availability.

14. Costs as a result of damage or pollution caused by the customer will be charged.
The amount of € 50 will immediately have to be paid to the driver.

15. Deviations from our standard service can be subject to mutual agreement. For these deviations additional costs can be charged that the customer will be informed in advance. The customer will obtain a clear overview of these extra costs in advance. On legal holidays and last-minute bookings we may be able to charge a supplement of 20 euros.

16. Smoking, Eating and drinking and alcohol use is prohibited in the taxi.

17. Camera surveillance is possible for your safety.

18. Animals are not allowed in the taxi. But assistance dogs, such as guide dogs, must be taken under all circumstances. If a driver is allergic, he may refuse.

Termination and cancellation

1. Carrier may immediately stop the journey and thus terminate the Carriage Agreement if the Traveler causes such nuisance that the Carrier can not reasonably be expected to (further) transport the Traveler. Carrier may in that case instruct the Passenger to leave the vehicle immediately.

2. Carrier is not obliged to compensate the Traveler for any damage.

3. In the event of premature termination, in the event that the fare is made via the Taximeter, Passenger will owe the amount that the Taximeter indicates at the moment of termination of the trip. In the event that a fare has been agreed upon before the start of the journey, Passenger will owe a proportional part of the price agreed in advance, for reimbursement of the part of the trip already driven.

4. Passenger / Client may opt out of the journey ordered by Carrier before the commencement of the journey. In such a case, the Traveler / Client is obliged to pay compensation to the Carrier reasonably and fairly when there is demonstrable damage. This also applies if the Traveler does not appear at the place agreed with the Carrier.

5. In the event that Carrier does not appear as agreed upon in an ordered trip, Reiziger will be entitled to compensation based on reasonableness and fairness for demonstrable damage.

6. Cancellation within 24 hours is free. The full amount will be charged within 12 hours.

Obligations and powers - Traveler

1. Passenger is obliged to abstain in the Car from: a. Damage and / or contamination of the Car; b. the use of alcoholic beverages, unless with the express permission of the Carrier; c. the entrainment and / or use of narcotics; d. using smoking goods; e. aggression, committing pawing, harassing, threatening or behaving in an inappropriate manner towards Carrier and / or others; f. bothering Carrier in any way in the performance of his duties.

2. Passenger is obliged to pay either the pre-agreed fare or the fare determined by the Taximeter.

3. When, prior to or during the journey, circumstances on the part of Carrier arise or emerge, which the Traveler did not need to know when concluding the contract, but which, if known to him, had reasonably grounded him If the Carriage Agreement fails to enter into or to enter into any other conditions, Passenger is entitled to terminate the agreement. The cancellation is effected by an oral or written notification from the traveler and the contract ends at the moment of receipt by the carrier. In accordance with standards of reasonableness and fairness, parties are obliged to compensate each other for the damage suffered as a result of termination of the Transport Agreement.

4. If Passenger chooses to open the door himself, he is obliged to open the door in such a way that no hindrance and / or danger is created for the traffic.

Found objects

1. If a customer forgets something in the taxi, he is responsible for it. But the company will report if the customer forgets something.

Note: Belgian law applies to all these general terms and conditions. These general conditions can be changed at all times by taxi companies.

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